For an experienced Residential Designer in Hobart and throughout Tasmania

For the successful approval of your project

Another Perspective has successfully designed and gained the approval for a range of residential projects.

From small extensions to large multi unit developments, we can take care of everything for you. When you consult with Another Perspective, you'll be assigned an experienced residential draftsman/designer who will provide expert knowledge and excellent service.

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Residential Design & Drafting in Tasmania

Pre-Design Services

Before we begin with the main design process, your draftsman will ensure that all pre-design requirements are successfully fulfilled. This includes:

  • Brief preparation
  • Consultation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Recommendation of consultants

Let Another Perspective ensure your project is moved through the approvals process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Site Analysis for Residential Design in Tasmania

Site Analysis

Another Perspective will undertake a thorough inspection of your site to ensure that all steps have been taken to limit any delays or roadblocks during the approvals process. Our services include:

  • Arranging site detail surveys by registered Land Surveyors
  • Existing building surveys (measure and draw existing conditions)
  • Site analysis including
    • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) determination and reports
    • Solar Exposure and Shadow Diagrams
    • 3D Visualisation
    • Review of orientation and local conditions for better thermal performance.

For experience, design excellence, and comprehensive services contact Another Perspective

Residential Design Services in Tasmania

Design Services

When it comes the actual design of your construction project, our designers and specialist staff in will take care of everything with a premium-level of service. This includes the preparation of drawings, a determination of specifications, and presentation of a range of possible layouts if required..

Another Perspective will also take care of all planning documentation and council applications for your convenience. We have both specialist staff and a range of external consultants to provide efficient and cost effective information and certifications that are necessary for the approval of your project.