Quality and affordable residential design services

Consultation and Design

Another Perspective's design team will take care of your project at every step through the approvals process. We can organise any feasibility studies & reports required before construction design can take place. Another Perspective will then move forward with the design itself and guide your project to receive the approriate certifications and approvals required for you to start construction with your nominated builder.

A range of purposes

Another Perspective can provide the construction design services that will see your project successfully through the approvals process. We can design homes, extensions, and unit developments. When you consult Another Perspective you get leading design, excellent service at an affordable price.

Building design in Hobart

Experience & Services

Our construction design process is based on years of experience in the design and construction industry. We have experience in all facets of the approval process, including Planning Requirements, Bushfire Certification and Design, Thermal Performance (6 Star Ratings) and 3D Visualisation if required.

Commercial and industrial building design in Hobart

Professional team

Construction design involves a vast number of steps, including pre-design preparation, studies, applications, and more. Any one of these steps can potentially stall or derail a project. At Another Perspective, our team has the experience and expertise required to ensure your project moves along smoothly from step-to-step through the approval process.

Building and construction design in Hobart